Foxy Brown, Angie Stone blast VH1 and Lil' Kim signs on for "Celebrity Big Brother"

Foxy Brown is mad at VH1 for leaving her out of the "Hip Hop Honors" tribute that aired Monday. She went on to include how Lauryn Hill was also left out. In VH1's defense they did have a picture of Foxy Brown up in the background during the finale performance. Foxy promised her fans once again that she has new music and plans to return. She's been saying that for years so I'll believe it when I see it. I do feel like Foxy should of been honored though but maybe next year would of been her year. But she might of cost herself a shot now since she's blasted VH1. Angie Stone was also upset at VH1 because she felt that the misrepresented her group, Sequence. Sequence was one of the first female rap group and VH1 made many believe that Salt-N-Pepa were just that. VH1 featured a picture of Sequence as well in the background during the finale performance. I think most people know of Sequence but a lot of people don't know who they are. I don't think we can really blame VH1 for that but maybe next time they should do more research. In other female rap news, Lil' Kim has reportedly signed on for "Celebrity Big Brother" which appears on TV in the UK and she reportedly got a huge check. The producers are hoping Kim will open up about her skin bleaching and plastic surgery. Good luck on that but then again with such a huge check, she just might.
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