Ciara gets married and Wendy Williams under fire for comments

Kelly Rowland's friend, Ciara tied the knot today in England. Guests include Jennifer Hudson. Congrats to Ciara and Russell! Now go away for awhile! I know by now we have all heard about the unfortunate killing of Alton Sterling. The 35 year old father was outside of a store selling CD's where he was killed by police. The shocking video has made its rounds on the Internet. The police involved in the death of Alton Sterling have been placed on administrative leave until the investigation is done. Justice for Alton Sterling! In other news, Wendy Williams has come under fire for comments she's made on her show. She said something along the lines of white people should be offended by organizations such as NAACP. I didn't see the video of Wendy. I figured it was too cringe worthy so i saved myself the embarrassment of watching it. I personally think Wendy went too far this time but what else is new? People say and do anything these days and it doesn't matter who they offend until it becomes a big deal. On the reality TV front a lot is going down between Joseline H. and Stevie J. and honestly its starting to be too much in my opinion. No wonder why those rumors surfaced of VH1 pulling the plug on the show. I'm starting to think things are starting to go too far between the former couple. Joseline has been on social media airing Stevie J's personal business out but also accusing him of being gay and being a child molester. Joseline is really on a smear campaign and its only getting worse. Joseline has also revealed that she is pregnant and Stevie J. is the father! Wow! C
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