Azealia Banks addresses skin lighting controversy and Brandy forced to cancel European tour

Azealia Banks has the internet talking again! This time she's taking on the whole skin lighting controversy which has plagued the black community in recent years. Many stars have been accused of lighting their skin either for financial gain or for their own personal insecurities. In typical Azealia Banks fashion she shot back at critics who has criticized her. Azealia posted several videos on her Facebook and Instagram account explaining her decision to lighten her skin and what it means to her. What do you think about stars lighting their skin? Most recently Lil' Kim came under fire for a much lighter complexion. Are stars getting out of control? Brandy has been forced to cancel her European tour due to vocal strain. She was advised to take a vocal rest or she would severe her vocal chords and we can't have that. Brandy thanked fans for their support and promised to make up the dates in the future. How unfortunate! I know Brandy was performing her ass off every night and delivering vocally. I would love if Brandy brought her show to the states but I can understand why she did it overseas versus over here. Last but not least Frank Ocean has dropped a cryptic picture of a library due date card with multiple dates stamped on it. All the stamped dates go back to when Frank was alleged to drop his new album. The most recent date says July 2016 which has many believing that Frank will finally deliver his long awaited follow up to "channelOrange" this month. Are you all ready for the new Frank Ocean album? I know I am. I've been ready! #boysdontcry Eat ya hear out Miguel! Haha!
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