Khia speaks on beef with Trina and K. Michelle sex tape leaks

Khia says she has no beef with Trina despite dissing her over the years. Khia was recently asked on air during her YouTube show what the origin of her beef with Trina was. Khia went on to say that it was a "gag" and shade is naturally thrown throughout Hip Hop. In another video Khia blasted K. Michelle who was the victim of a sex tape leak out on social media. Several 10 second clips of K. Michelle engaging in oral sex and masturbation surface but K. Michelle has denied the claims. Khia took K. Michelle to task for calling out her "Love & Hip Hop" co-star Mimi Faust for her sex tape when she is now doing the same thing. What do you think? Is K. Michelle a hypocrite? I like think so but that's neither here nor there. In other music news, Kelis is in the studio working on new music. I wonder what she's cooking up? I was listening to "Kelis Was Here" last night and remembering how great an album it is. I prefer Kelis when she does R&B and I think its time we get another R&B album from her. Q. Parker of the Bad Boy R&B group 112 got his car stolen in ATL on Father's Day. Apparently some young kid took the car and has gone joyriding. No word yet if Q got his car back. I hear its a nice car and I would be pretty pissed right now and missing my car. Hopefully he has one more than one car but I would certainly want my car back.
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