Demi Lovato called out Mariah Carey today for being rude and constantly shading Jennifer Lopez

Demi Lovato labeled J-Lo as "classy". It all started with a meme on Instagram. The meme features pictures of both Mariah and Ariana Grande. The meme pokes fun at the notion of ordering a product online and once you receive it in the mail, its nothing like it appeared originally. Demi took offense and stated that the pictures should be reversed. Mariah represented the product online and her picture appeared first and Ariana whose picture was second represented getting a product in the mail and it not being what it was supposed to be. I hope you guys got that. I'm sure if you search for the meme you'd find it. As you can imagine, the Lambs(Mariah's hardcore fans) went all the way in on Demi. I will keep you all up to date as this story unfolds. If that's not enough drama for you, it went down last night when blogger Perez Hilton called out Nicki Minaj and dissed her brother for sleeping with underage guys. I'm really unsure how that all started but it was tweets and retweets being shared left and right. Also, Nicki Minaj was being called out last night for being homophobic because she didn't release a statement regarding the Orlando shooting this past weekend. I very doubt that Nicki Minaj is homophobic. What I will say is that I noticed a lot of celebrities were very mum on the Orlando shootings but god forbid if a celebrity dies, celebrities are quick to post tributes, and fan out. It's funny the way the world works and people for that matter.
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