Beyoncé is being sued and Angela Simmons' fiancé caught in cheating scandal

Beyoncé is being sued by a guy who claims her "Lemonade" video ripped off his video. He is alleging that he had been in contact with Beyoncé's reps; including Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records. They were interested in a treatment for her "Lemonade" video but ultimately didn't use him to direct the piece. Instead the guy is claiming that Beyoncé stole his video concept evident in her trailer for "Lemonade" which was released nearly two months ago. Angela Simmons of "Run's House" fame and an entrepreneur is feeling the heat as her fiancé has been alleged to have cheated on her. Angela; who is currently pregnant with her first child is being ridiculed up and down on Twitter. Apparently its been said that Angela was a virgin prior to becoming pregnant. Many are shocked by Angela's choice of fiancé who is an ex-con. More as this story unfolds and I'm sure there's more to this story that I haven't even mentioned. I just gave you all a brief synopsis. Thanks for reading! :)
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