Mariah Carey signs on for 3 movie deal and more details emerge on Tamar Braxton's firing from "The Real"

Mariah Carey is making moves ever since she got that new manager, not that her past managers didn't make things happen for her, but Mariah is really putting herself out there in a good way. The singer just signed on for a three movie deal with the Hallmark Movie Channel. If you know the Hallmark Movie Channel, they specialize in sappy movies and Christmas movies. One thing I am tired of hearing about and reading about is Bill Cosby and the never ending drama with Tamar Braxton being fired from "The Real". Now the other four co-hosts are sharing their side of the story and how they learned of the firing. I mean at this point I really don't care anymore. I think "The Real" needed Tamar more than she needed them. Now a new report has surfaced saying Tamar was "ghetto" and advertisers had a problem with her and yadda yadda. I know Tamar will be okay in the end. She has jobz, yes with a "Z". Boom! In other music news, Beyoncé and Jay Z are said to be one step closer to releasing their joint duet album which reportedly has been in the works for awhile. Reports suggest that the new album will tell Jay Z's side of the story but if this is a joint album, I'm not so sure how this will go down but we'll be listening. For more music news, gossip, rumors, and my personal commentary, check back again! Thanks for reading! :)
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