Janet Jackson's ex husband claims she has a secret child and Lauryn Hill apologizes to fans

More Janet baby news: Janet Jackson's ex-husband, James Debarge has come out claiming that he believes Janet has a secret child from him. He says he was recently contacted by an unnamed woman claiming to be his child. He goes on to say that the woman in question says she was adopted and her adoptive parent(s) revealed on his or her deathbed the revelation that she was birthed by Janet, allegedly. Rumor of Janet having a secret child and passing it off to her older sister, Rebbie have ran rampant over the years. But the interesting thing about this rumor is it is one that hasn't seemed to go away. It wouldn't be totally shocking if Janet did have a child already because she is known to be very private and we find out things about her years later, like her marriages, the fact that she was blind at one and countless other things. I don't know what to believe to be honest. I always believe there is some truth to a rumor. Maybe she was pregnant and miscarried. Who knows!? But is being heavily speculated now that this won't be the first child that Janet has given birth to now that she revealed she is pregnant. But why announce that she is with child now and not years ago when she was married before? In other music news, Lauryn Hill caught hell this week from the few fans she has left when she showed up to an Atlanta concert 2 hours late. She only performed for 30 minutes before the sound was cut off. An angered fan caught Lauryn on camera and confronted him about her tardiness and unprofessional behavior. Twitter had a field day dragging her left and right and Lauryn came out with an explanation and apology that made everyone give Lauryn the side eye even more. But one thing Lauryn did state is that she still cares about her music and her craft contrary to popular belief.
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