Is Remy Ma going at Nicki on new remix and Meek Mill disses Drake again

Hey all! I'm calling this blog post the "The Beef Edition" since both stories concentrate on rumored beef and beef that has been brewing for awhile now. Yesterday Fat Joe and Remy Ma released the remix to their hit single, "All The Way Up" with a feature from Jay Z and newly recorded verses from Fat Joe and Remy Ma. Immediately after the song dropped Twitter was on fire for two reasons; the first being Jay-Z alluding to Beyoncé's "Lemonade" album but also some clever wordplay. Secondly many people felt that Remy took a few shots at Nicki on her verse. People were saying they felt like Remy was getting back at Nicki for a jab she threw years earlier. Remy even spoke about this back in the day but Remy and Nicki are pretty friendly so I'm sure its nothing more, nothing less but hey there's no such thing as bad publicity. I read that Remy Ma and Fat Joe will release their joint album in July. Speaking of "All The Way Up", Meek Mill has his own remix of the song out with Fabolous. Meek threw a few jabs at Drake. It looks like Meek hasn't quite gotten over the L he took at the Twitter fingers of Drake. To me, he's coming off desperate but I guess if this is what you have to do to get people to talk more power to you. I'm sure Drake will follow up with a response in the next day or so or maybe his ghostwriter will. Who knows? For more music news, gossip, rumors, and my personal commentary check back again! Thanks for reading! :)
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