Azealia Banks loses gig after racist comments and Nicki Minaj sued by her ex

On the cusp of Azealia Banks ranting and raving about Zayn stealing her style, Disney star, Skai Jackson interceded in the feud with a comment of her own about Azealia. That comment prompted a Twitter exchange between Azealia Banks and the 14 year old Skai Jackson with many rooting Jackson on for reading Azealia her rights! Many felt that Azealia was out of line for arguing with a 14 year old but Skai was just as wrong for going back and forth with an adult, no matter how ignorant she may of been behaving, maybe one little read would of been good, but she shouldn't have gone back and forth. If that was enough Azealia went on Periscope and blasted Zayn some more as well as Skai Jackson. She also blasted UK rappers for their style and compared their style to that of the US rappers. Azealia's actions cost her, her headliner slot at a festival she was set to perform at. This is just another incident in an already long list of incidents that has involved Azealia Banks. Leave it to Azealia Banks to speak her mind. In other music news, Drake and French Montana are said to record a collabo. Safaree Samuels, Nicki Minaj's ex is suing the rapper. Chris Brown is still arguing with Kevin McCall. Hey! Did anyone watch "Empire" tonight? It was really good! I look forward to watching the season finale. And for more music news, gossip, rumors, and my personal commentary check back this Monday. I will be out for a couple of days so there will no updates. I do advise you all to check out some other my more popular posts which you can view in the sidebar. Thanks for reading guys!
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