Ashanti said to be secretly dating Game and the war between Ciara and Future heats up

So word on the street is that Ashanti is secretly dating The Game. I read a story last night on another online blog and I believe it. I remember this same blog posted a screenshot of Ashanti liking one of Game's infamous underwear selfie pics. If that's not enough Game was said to be overheard but not seen on Ashanti's Snapchat, the same was said about Game. Both artists were visiting a club in L.A. Ashanti has been spending a lot of time in L.A. as of recently. Her sister has a place there and she's doing a lot of business over there. I think she's signed a record deal to one L.A. based label but don't quote me on that. It would be interesting if Game and Ashanti are dating though given their past history. Both artists recorded for labels that were once foes, Murder Inc. & G-Unit. While most of the beef has been patched up over the years there's still some ill feelings between Ja Rule & 50 Cent, Irv Gotti & Ashanti, and Game and 50 Cent. Ashanti and Game collaborated years ago on one of Game's mixtapes on a song called, "Soft Rhodes". I'm not mad at Game if he did indeed snatch Ashanti up. Ashanti's body is snatched! In other music news, Ciara lost her custody battle to Future. Future still has visitation rights to Baby Future. Ciara was hoping to be awarded sole custody. The Bad Boy reunion tour will launch this Summer starting in Ohio. Lil' Kim, Faith Evans, Total, Mase, Jadakiss, are just many of the names that will be performing. Will you be in attendance? For more music news, gossip, rumors, and my personal commentary check back again soon! Thanks for reading! :) A
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