Rihanna rumored to be mad at Jay Z and Kanye West sued by fan

So there was a report I read that Rihanna was allegedly upset at Jay Z and Tidal for her recent album rollout of "Anti". Even though the album is now a hit, it was revealed the album only sold 460 copies its in first week. Tidal blamed a system error for the album leaking out two days prior to its release which resulted in free downloads of the album. In the coming weeks, Rihanna's album sales have benefited from her hit single, "Work" and her name alone. The album is approaching gold status so I think she'll be okay in the long run. I do agree with her if she is believed to be upset. The whole rollout of the album was very messy and lackluster. Speaking of album, The Game has revealed his new album will be titled, "1992". Not sure the significance of the album title since we know Game wasn't born in 1992. The cover art shows a young Game with a tattoo on his face much like Lil' Wayne did in the past. Are you looking forward to another new Game album? Oh and Game says this album unlike his past albums won't have any features. Say what? And one of Game's past collaborators, Kanye West is being sued by a fan who bought his album on Tidal and signed up a for a prescription. Kanye tweeted awhile back that his new album, "The Life of Pablo" would be exclusively available to only Tidal subscribers and it was for awhile. That was until the album was recently made available on Apple Music and Spotify, Tidal's competition. Now the fan has filed a class action lawsuit. Wow! This could ugly but already Kanye is said to be making some changes to the Apple Music version of the album! Boy! Enough already! "The Life of Pablo" is a very good album though I must say but I say leave it as is. Stop trying to please everyone and yourself Kanye! Ha! Well read the next blog post for more juicy stories!
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