Prince dead at 57

Today we learned of the untimely death of legend Prince. I was at work today when I head the sad news. At first we all thought it was a hoax but soon after reputable sources like People magazine and CNN confirmed his death. Prince was found at 9:47 a.m. in his elevator unconscious. 10:03 a.m. the singer was pronounced dead. Reports say that Prince had a drug overdose a few days ago and had to make an emergency landing while on his way home. The media reported that Prince had the flu and would be in the hospital. It was just announced awhile back that Prince was about to pen his memoir for release in 2017. He was said to had been 50 pages deep. He also acquired his music back from Warner Bros. and he was set to work on new music for the label. Expect a resurgence in Princes' album sales in the coming weeks. Prince will be remembered his bold style, his choice of women, his musicianship, his shade, and lots more. R.I.P.
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