Lil' Kim backs out of show and Kanye West scores #1 album

Sorry for the lack of updates people but let's get right into it. I read a few days ago that Lil' Kim was supposed to be apart of DC Gay Pride show. The show was to include Foxy Brown and Remy Ma but all on separate nights. Immediately Kim came out and denied that she was apart of the fracas. Days later the promoters released documents sent to Kim's people where she was all set to perform and received her $12,000 fee. Once Kim found out that Foxy Brown was set to perform as well, Kim backed out. She returned the money and wanted to forget all about the show so that's why she initially denied she had anything to do with it. The promoters assured Kim that Foxy would perform the day after she did but Kim wasn't buying it and opted out. I haven't seen or heard a word from Foxy regarding this matter; she blocked me on IG. And Remy Ma has been busy promoting her new single. So what do you all think of this matter? Should Kim still have performed after finding out Foxy was not performing the same night? Or do you think the promoters were being shiesty? In other music news, Diddy revealed during a recent interview that girlfriend Cassie was upset when Diddy was seen out at function with ex Jennifer Lopez. Drake revealed that he will release new album, "Views From The 6" on April 29. Kanye Wests' album, "The Life of Pablo" is the #1 album this week and it holds a record for being the first #1 album based solely on streaming listens, which is now factored in with album sales. "The Life of Pablo" is said to have been streamed 100 million times. Billboard unfortunately doesn't recognize TIDAL's subscription service streams and buys at the moment. Now that "The Life of Pablo" is on iTunes its available to chart along with it being available on other music services such as Spotify as well. Congrats to Kanye! Thanks for reading guys! :)
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