Janet's baby news revealed and Chris Brown documentary set to air

Remember the announcement Janet made a few weeks ago about starting a family? Well now its being revealed that there are plans to have a baby through either adoption or a surrogate. Janet, who will be 50 in May will be a first time Mother, though rumors of the years have suggested she has a secret child. Janet has denied the claims. Meanwhile fans were upset at Janet for cancelling her tour! Chris Brown will have a documentary airing soon which details the singer over the years and the many headlines that's accompanied his career most notably him abusing Rihanna. Already people have been criticizing the documentary before it airs. In the clip, Chris says he's contemplated suicide which is interesting considering he criticized Kehlani for her suicide attempt saying he thought it was fake and for sympathy votes. An Aretha Franklin biopic may finally be in the works. The singer has been trying to get her biopic off the ground for years and there may be light at the end of the tunnel. Word is Jennifer Hudson may star as the Queen of Soul. Are you here for that?
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