Beyoncé previews new video and Prince hospitalized

Beyoncé just released a teaser for "Lemonade". The teaser is a mere 20 seconds and features Queen Bey in cornrows with her face hidden behind her arms. Beyoncé echoes "what I'm going to do now?" before flashing that the world premiere event will be telecast April 23 9 PM EST on HBO. Are you all ready? Sony Music UK reports that "Lemonade" is the new single from Beyoncé. Word is that the video is 2 hours long. It's also being speculated that Beyoncé may drop her album on April 24 but it could very well be on April 29 since that's a Friday and that's when albums are generally released but we are talking Beyoncé and Beyoncé makes her own rules when it comes to releasing new projects. But I was just doing some reading and I found out that "Lemonade" is being described as an "album movie". I'm guessing its all the songs from her album in one video and they all intertwine in some way. Who knows? But we will all know for sure this time next week. In other music news, Prince has been hospitalized after a bout with pneumonia. Iggy Azalea is walking around without her engagement ring after her fiancé Nick Young was caught on tape admitting to cheating. Well that's all for now folks! Until next time! Thanks for reading! :)
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