Beyoncé fans attack fashion designer who they think Jay Z cheated with

Shortly after "Lemonade" aired, people began to speculate who exactly Beyoncé was referring to when she sung "Becky with the good hair". Well everyone didn't have to wonder for long because Damon Dash's ex-wife, Rachel Roy started shading Beyoncé with the song reference which led many to believe she was the woman responsible for Jay-Z's infidelity. Soon the #Beyhive began attacking Rachel Roy and her daughter on social media. Rachel issued a statement saying that she respects marriage and wouldn't do such a thing to ruin the union of a marriage. Apparently the #Beyhive was not buying this and soon Rachel Roy deleted her social media page altogether after making it private briefly. Not content on resting, the #Beyhive formed together and came up with the fact that "Becky" may indeed be former Roc Nation artist, Rita Ora(l), which wouldn't surprise me if it were true. Rita has been around in the industry but has she banged Jay-Z? Who knows! Jay-Z's stylist June Ambrose got on social media and said Rachel Roy was not involved with Jay Z in anyway. Okay, well that takes Rachel out of the running so is it Rita Ora(l)? At one point last night, when I was on Twitter, all the trending topics were related to Beyoncé including "#LEMONADE", "Becky with the good hair", "Hold Up" and more. Whew! The power of Beyonce!
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