Beyoncé dominates iTunes singles charts and Rita Ora is rumored to be "Becky"

More Beyoncé news: "Lemonade", the physical album and DVD package will be available in Target on May 6!!! "Lemonade" is on track to sale 600 thousand copies in its full first week which will give it the coveted #1 spot on Billboard. "Lemonade" will mark Beyoncé's 6th #1 album on the Billboard 200 Album chart. First single, "Formation" is the #1 song on iTunes! In the wake of the "Becky-gate", Rita Ora has came out and denied any wrong doing when it comes to Beyoncé and Jay-Z's relationship. But it looks like Rita Ora is taunting Bey as well. She has been seen on social media adorning the same dresses that Bey has wore and even bras with lemonades on it. Many think this is simply a marketing scheme and everyone's in on it. Rachel Roy, who was said to be the original Becky denies being Becky. On a much lighter note, "Full House" alum actress, Lori Loughlin who plays "Becky" said she's not Becky either! :) Ha! What do you all think of this mess? My, why do I feel like everything I just typed was what I typed a two days ago! :(  In other music news, Fantasia will release her new album, "The Definition of..." on June 1. Jennifer Hudson will star in NBC's live production of "Hairspray". Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are rumored to be having a baby! Say what now? For more music news, rumors, gossip, and my personal thoughts check back tomorrow or the next day! :) Thanks for reading!
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