Mariah Carey difficult to work with and Madonna exposes fans breast during concert

So all the stories featured today have to do with tours, funny enough. Mariah is difficult to work with!? No surprise there. Madonna is showing out on her tour as well and 50 Cent had a special guest at his recent tour. So word on the street is that Mariah Carey is becoming increasingly difficult to work with. Mariah is currently shooting a docu series for E! which will document the singer as she prepares for her tour. Mariah wants to have control of how everything is edited, which as far as I know is pretty hard to do when it comes to "reality" shows. The production company behind the show is also responsible for "Keeping Up With Kardashians". Mariah is currently overseas on her "Sweet Sweet Fantasy" tour. If that wasn't enough Mariah was recently 45 minutes late on stage in Leeds. One fan tweeted that "Mariah needs to join the crowd of over 10,000 spectators". What is wrong with these divas? Speaking of tours, Madonna is making news for her lewd acts during her recent tours. The singer recently accidentally exposed the breast of a supposed 17 year old girl she brought on stage. When I was watching "Wendy", she says she felt it was staged and the girl is probably not really even 17, possibly older. Madonna is in a huge custody battle with her ex-husband over her younger son Rocco who is 15. Continuing on with tour news, 50 Cent had a special guest in the crowd during his recent show, his arch nemesis, The Game. The video footage was shown by a concert goer. 50 was obviously tipped off by the news and urged fans to keep the peace in the audience. The Game recently gushed about how good 50 Cent's liquor, Effen Vodka is. The Game seems like he's been trying to bury the hatchet with 50 and hopefully they will soon. In other music news, the "Love & Hip Hop New York" reunion went down Monday night on VH1 and from what I've seen preview wise, it was as ratchet as it could be but it was a really good season for the show and their highest ratings. Well folks that's it for today! Enjoy your day! Thanks for reading!
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