Lil' Kim drops new mixtape and Kehlani ditches Kyrie Irving for PARTYNEXTDOOR

Kehlani, a popular R&B singer whose mixtape album, "You Should Be Here" was nominated for a Grammy last year just broke up with her NBA sweetheart Kyrie Irving. But we didn't know that until it was revealed on Instagram that she had reunited her former boo, singer, PARTYNEXTDOOR of OVO(Drake's label) sound. The singer posted a picture of himself and Kehlani in bed holding hands with a caption saying he got his "R&B girl" back. The picture and the news of it all sent shockwaves through social media yesterday(Monday). I'm still shocked by it all myself. It's crazy! What do you all think about this? In other music news, Lil' Kim just dropped her new mixtape, "Lil' Kim Season". For a minute there it looked like the Queen Bee wasn't going to live up to the hype she created surrounding her mixtape, but the Queen Bee delivered as promise. I'm listening to it as I type this. If I like it enough, I might type up a review. Notice, I only do reviews of albums I like. I don't do a review of an album I don't like. Like why waste the time? And Big Sean and Jhené Aiko is releasing a joint album, "Twenty88" on April 1. Will you be copping? Well thanks for reading guys! It's late for me and I should be heading to bed soon.
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