Iggy Azalea's finacé caught cheating and Lil' Kim wants to work with Drake and Kanye West

Whew! So many stories to report, where do I start? Well Iggy Azalea's fiancé Nick Young was caught on tape admitting that he cheated on Iggy with a 19 year old girl. Allegedly the tape was recorded and released by one of his teammates. Shame! It's funny because I remember reading that this story was about to break and low and behold it did. Why Nick? Iggy was already close to committing suicide. Don't be the reason she attempts to do it again? Speaking of suicide, Kehlani, who recently admitted to attempting to commit suicide has sparked some naysayers about her story, namely Chris Brown, who went on a Twitter tirade. He accused the singer of faking her suicide attempt for sympathy votes and threw shade at Kehlani's relationship with PARTYNEXTDOOR saying they "stank" among other things. Speaking of PARTYNEXTDOOR(I hate typing his name), his boss Drake is on Lil' Kim's wish list to work with in the future. Lil' Kim recently gushed about collaborating with Drake and says she is a really big fan of the singer/songwriter. Maybe Drake can get his ghostwriter Quentin Miller to write a hit duet for Drake and Lil' Kim! What do you all think? Lil' Kim also went on to say that she would like to work with Kanye West again. She worked with Kanye first back in 2003 for her "La Bella Mafia" album (which is my favorite album from Kim, sorry "Hardcore" fans). What do you all think about Kim working with Drake and Kanye West? I think its a good idea because aside from Diddy and French Montana, Kim has mostly been working with a lot of unknown acts. "Lil Kim Season" the new mixtape from Lil' Kim is available for download now. Have you heard it? As always thanks for reading!
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