Foxy Brown says she's not endorising Trump and Kanye West promises three new albums

Foxy Brown has spoken out after being misquoted in a news article for saying that she was endorsing Trump. The famed rapper says she is not endorsing Trump and showed love for Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Foxy recently received the key to the city for her hometown of Brooklyn. One thing I don't like to really discuss is politics esp after work because I feel like things can get out of hand. Kanye West says he's releasing three albums next year or is it this year. Anyway do we care? Or will we be listening? I do hear his "The Life of Pablo" album is good. He will also do another fashion show for his "Yeezy" fashion line. Ne-Yo's new wife just gave birth to their baby. I believe this is the third or fourth child for Ne-Yo. Congrats to Ne-Yo and his family. A duet may possibly be brewing between Tyrese and Ashanti. Ashanti had Tyrese on her Snapchat over the weekend and the two were in the studio. Are you guys interested in hearing what a Tyrese and Ashanti duet will sound like? Honestly I don't think I've ever pictured these two collaborating but hey if it sounds good then I'm all for it. Ashanti has been in L.A. quite frequently working on new music. I'm wondering if she's signed to a L.A. based label or does she just like working on music in L.A.? I guess we shall find out soon. Well until next time folks! Enjoy your day! :)
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