Ciara gets engaged and Chris Brown acts a fool on social media

Hey folks! So the big news stories today are Ciara getting engaged to Russell Wilson. Congrats to the couple! Still can't stand Ciara though! I think she is severely overexposed. Something tells me she'll be pregnant again soon. The other big story Chris Brown's mental state. The singer has been going off online about many a things including his beef with artist Kevin McCall. He's also beefed this week with Jacob York(I forget who he is) and his ex Karrueche Tran. Chris filled his social media with various tirades dissing, dismissing, and threatening former associates, ex girlfriends, and fans. The man is insane! I hope he gets a hold of himself and gets the professional help he needs. Seriously! Remember the news about Keyshia Cole egging Bow Wow's car? Well Lil' Mo has came out and thrown some shade at Keyshia, which if I'm not mistaken she has done in the past and to add to that, Mo has thrown shade at many a artist over the years. I forget what Mo said word for word but it was along the lines of what we're all thinking, like "girl get you some help". I'm sure all these arrests and erratic behavior will make for some good music when Keyshia releases some new music. There are three sides to a story. What do you all think about tonight's stories? Is Keyshia Cole and Chris Brown insane? Will Ciara's engagement last?
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