Bow Wow calls out ex gf on social media and Chris Brown involved in feud with artist

So Azealia Banks has deactivated her Twitter and I think we can all breath a huge sigh of relief, though I find her tweets entertaining. In other news, Bow Wow is on social media dogging the ex(Keyshia Cole?) who egged his car or what she thought was his car. Turns out the culprit egged the wrong car and Bow Wow shared the news on social media. What exactly is going on between Keyshia Cole and Bow Wow? No one knows but there's obviously trouble in paradise. It seems like every dude that Keyshia dates or marries, it ends up disastrous. Speaking of Keyshia Cole, have you seen her lately? Many say that she's might of had some work done. What do you think? Chris Brown is at it again this time with his artist and frequent collaborator Kevin Mccall. If you don't recall who Kevin Mccall is, he collaborated with Chris Brown on "Dueces". Apparently Kevin called Chris out on social media for not engaging with him over a business matter. Chris soon caught wind of the shade and went all the way in on Kevin. It got real ugly and real hood real quick. Kevin shot back demanding he bet let out of his contract if Chris thinks he is "shit". Kevin Mccall is the baby daddy of "America's Next Top Model" winner Eva Pigford. The two had a nasty falling out. Young Thug is collaborating with Elton John on a remix to the classic John song, "Rocket Man". Sounds like an interesting collaboration. Well thanks for reading I will be back with more updates soon! :)
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