Beyoncé fans clash with Rihanna fans over shady tweet and Foxy Brown gets key to city

The Beyoncé fans and the Rihanna fans are beefing after a shady tweet from Rihanna surfaced. Rihanna liked and retweeted a tweet that poked fun at the fact that one of Rihanna's song, "Desperado" was in a higher chart position than Beyoncé's "Formation"which was performed at the Super Bowl. The chart in question is the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart, which is the songs that just missed the chart. It seems like many have stayed away from the controversial song, "Formation" which is why its yet to chart on the Hot 100 chart but it has charted on the R&B charts. "Formation" likely won't go down as Beyoncé's most successful single but I'm sure she has plenty of hit songs in her pocket from her upcoming album. Rumor has it that Beyoncé will be dropping her new album either this month or April. But back to Rihanna, do you think she was being shady with the tweet? After all Rihanna later deleted the tweet, likely after all the hoopla that surfaced after she did it. Foxy Brown has been pretty quiet on the music scene but she's been making moves behind the scenes. The rapper just received the "key to the city" of Brooklyn, her hometown. Foxy has always repped Brooklyn in her music as well as interviews. On top of that the rapper was seen backstage at Rihanna's Puma fashion show alongside Rihanna and Naomi Campbell. She was also spotted on a set with a green screen that has something to do with BET. No word yet on what Foxy has to do with BET. Maybe a "Where Are They Now?" special. Who knows? But I would love to see my Foxy come back but I'm not holding my breath. Well until next time! Thanks for reading! :)
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