Album Review: Future - EVOL

Earlier this year Future surprised us with his third straight #1 album, "EVOL". After being such a big fan of Future's last album, "DS2" I just knew I would like this album. After first listen, the album was sort of blah to me. Maybe I didn't give it a fair chance so I went back just recently and started listening to this album when I worked out. I realize that "EVOL" is actually a proper follow up to "DS2", though I feel Future shouldn't rush release albums. Okay so on to the review, "Aint No Time" opens the album which is a listenable track, not my favorite. Much better is "In Her Mouth", where Future says "I'm trying to fuck the DA lady in her mouth though". This is one of my favorite songs on the album. "Maybach" follows which isn't bad. Next is "Xanny Family" which is also very enjoyable and features quite a few laughable lines from Future who is a very witty lyricist. "Lil' Haiti Baby" plays on the rumors that many people think that Future is Haitian. Now I personally never thought that but he has ties to Haiti for obviously visiting quite often perhaps. "Photo Copied" features a few jabs at Ciara which I like for that sole reason. Future says "you ain't saving that pussy" which plays on the story that Ciara is remaining celibate until marriage. "You letting sosmebody play in that pussy", Future says as well. It's very funny to me and are some of my favorite lines. "Seven Rings" is nice as well! "Lie To Me" features a few jabs at Ciara. "Progam" is pretty repetitive but a decent track. "Low Life" featuring The Weeknd(the sole guest) is a nice collab between the two. "Fly Shit Only" is nice as well. All in all a very nice follow up for Future. 
Producers: Absolute, Metro Boomin(of course)
Guest(s): The Weeknd
Album Highlights: In Her Mouth, Photo Copied, Xanny Family, Seven Rings
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