Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose may be getting back together and Sage The Gemini tries to get Jordin Sparks back

Love is in the air or then again not so much! It depends on who you ask! Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose may be on the path to reconciliation. The two have recently started following each other again on social media and have done a great job co-parenting. What do you think about Wiz and Amber back together? Speaking of getting back together, Sage The Gemini is trying to get back with Jordin Sparks. The rapper expressed his love for his ex-girlfriend via social media which Wendy Williams found tacky. I thought it was cute but he wants the world to know he wants his girl back. It leads me to wonder what happened between the two. Maybe he did the "ultimate no no" with her, whatever that is huh? Ha! While we're on the subject of reunions, Lloyd Banks and The Game were seen together in Dubai much to the dismay of 50 Cent who has been at war with The Game for years. I feel like 50's beef with nearly everyone has hindered his artists like Young Buck and Lloyd Banks. I feel Lloyd Banks has always had much more potential and I think 50 knows that as well. Why limit someone because you have a problem with everyone? Anyway enjoy your weekend everyone cause I definitely plan to enjoy mine! Thanks for reading! :)
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