Trina involved in club scuffle and cops boycott Beyoncé

Trina was involved in a scuffle last night that turned physical. According to TMZ, Trina and friends were leaving a performance when two of her friends got into a fight. Trina then stood up for her friends to help shoo off the hecklers. Trina apparently got so upset that she struck the guy and it was all caught on tape. It was definitely Trina in rare form. Go to to check the video out. And Beyoncé is feeling the heat from her Super Bowl halftime performance. Cops are vowing to not be present at her "Formation World Tour" since they feel her new video for the song, "Formation" calls for police brutality. I don't think Beyoncé is against the police at all. It's just a bunch of people in their feelings because they have nothing else to go on about at this time. My friend and I were talking and he said he ain't buying no tickets to Beyoncé's tour until he hears some new music. Well there you go! I definitely won't be attending because I don't have that kind of money to spend on a concert. I do however wouldn't mind seeing Janet in concert in June when she comes to my hometown. 50 Cent is being called back into court after filing bankruptcy. The judge has gotten wind of 50 Cent posting on social media with piles of money. Now 50 must explain the piles of money in the pictures. I can only imagine what he has to say when called into question. Just because you file bankruptcy doesn't necessarily mean your broke. It typically means you can't afford to pay all the bills you currently have. 50 definitely has to have money. He receives royalties from his music, Vitamin Water, and he has the show "Power".
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