Kanye West says he's in debut and Cassie and Diddy are back together

Kanye West is not only making headlines for his music but also his tweets. The rapper claims he's $53 million dollars in debut and has called on Facebook's own Mark Zuckerberg(sp) to help bail him out. I don't really know what to say about this but I guess this goes to show no matter how much money you got, you still struggling just like everyone else in some capacity. Now I wouldn't think so in the capacity of money but then again I don't know these stars bank account. In other music news..whatever transpired a few months ago between Cassie and Diddy seem to be resolved. Cassie recently starting following Diddy on Instagram again which means the lovebirds are back on after a public fallout with allegations of cheating. Cassie has been busy overseas and making movies. She stars in the movie, "The Perfect Match" opening in theaters next month. I guess I'm not surprised that Cassie and Diddy are back together. I guess it was just a matter of time before they were back together. And the #1 album in the country is Future's "EVOL". This is the third #1 album from the rapper in the last 7 months following "What A Time to Be Alive" and "DS2". Congrats to Future! Eat ya heart out Ciara! :)
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