Rob Kardashian has a new girlfriend and Rihanna claims new album is finished

Blac Chyna, baby mama and former girlfriend of Tyga is dating Rob Kardashian. Tyga is dating Rob's sister, Kylie Jenner. To me this looks like a ploy for attention that is obviously working. Rob is already the black sheep of the Kardashian family and Blac Chyna just wants to be in the Kardashian clan so bad. I'm not mad at her but I am annoyed by her. In more interesting news, it seems as if Rihanna's long awaited album, "ANTI" has been finished. The question is though, do people still care about it? We shall see. Chris Brown's assault charge was thrown out. Remember the woman that said he smacked her during New Year's Eve in his hotel? This is the same woman that Chris Brown got banned from a bar I believe. Well...well until next time folks! Come back again for another dose of news and drama! Thanks for reading! :)
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