Nicki Minaj beefs on Twitter with reality star and Nene Leakes return to "RHOA"

Every once in awhile Nicki Minaj will check a bitch on Twitter. Last time it was Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift and now its Farrah Abraham of "Teen Mom" fame. The two stars were going back and forth on Twitter trading insults about everything from motherhood, relatives, and rape. Nothing was off limits. They were both going in on each other and I can't say who won. I don't even know how this started but the insults were very entertaining. Did you all see this? Whose side are you on? Farrah's or Nicki's? And The Golden Globes aired tonight on NBC. I watched some of the telecast. Winners included Taraji P. Henson("Empire"), Leonardo DiCarpio, Denzel Washington, Jennifer Lawerence("Joy"), "The Martian"(movie starring Matt Damon), Maura Tierney(sp) of "Newsradio" fame(not sure what she won for here). Presenters included Jim Carrey, Michael Keaton, Mel Gibson, Jamie Foxx, Quentin Taratino(who caught some flack for using the word "ghetto"). I will say I do like The Golden Globes because its very intimate. You see the stars interacting with one another between commercial breaks, you see them eating, laughing, and drinking. Everyone is not so uptight. In other entertainment news, NeNe Leakes is returning to "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" after sitting the first half of the 8th season out. NeNe will return to the show next week, January 17. Will you be watching? I have to say though, its nice to see NeNe back but I feel the show has been good without her. I do feel like NeNe brought a lot of negative drama to the show. Like when she was on there, the cast was always separated. Now, at least with their spats, their still very much a cast when they come together and do things. We will see if we get a new and improved NeNe like we've been told next week. Well that's it for tonight folks! Enjoy your week and thanks for reading! I do appreciate the support!
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