Azealia Banks gives date for new mixtape and Rihanna's "ANTI" finally released!

Azealia Banks is set to release her new mixtape, "Slay-Z" on February 7 according to the rapper. The mixtape features Banks' alter ego reportedly rhyming over a slew of Jay-Z beats. Remy Ma is rumored to make a guest appearance on the mixtape. My body is certainly ready for new Azealia music! How about you? Speaking of new music, Rihanna's new album, "Anti" finally got released leaked, first via TIDAL and now its on iTunes with three extra tracks. A physical release of the album is pending. The day before Rihanna's album was officially released, it was leaked on TIDAL. The first single, "Work" featuring Drake was also released on iTunes. If that's not enough new music for you, Lil' Kim has unveiled cover art for her new single, "#Mine" featuring Kevin Gates. No word yet on the actual release of this single and if its her first new single since reportedly signing back to Atlantic Records. We shall see! And certainly last but not least, if you've been riding under a rock you've missed the feud between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa. It all started when Kanye renamed his album, "SWISH" to the even weirder sounding, "Waves". The name change prompted Wiz Khalifa to speak out and dismiss Kanye for not paying homage to those who used the term "Waves" prior to him, namely Max B. Once Kanye got wind of the Wiz's words, it became an all out battle as Kanye went for the jugular dissing Wiz on everything from his child, Amber Rose("trapped by a stripper"), and how no one listens to his albums the whole way through. Once Amber Rose was brought into this mess, she shut Kanye down with an admission on Twitter with the hash tag #fingerinthebooty which had everyone talking and gasping for air. Kanye later came out and denied the claims but who do you believe? More as this story unfolds. By the way Kanye's new album "Waves" is being released on February 11. You copping it? Well thanks for reading guys and have a great weekend!
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