Rihanna's producer speaks on new album hold up and Tyga's ex calls out fellow groupie girl

Happy Holidays everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates but I was out of town for the Holidays. Now while I may of not updated here on the blog, I still kept up with what was going on in the world of entertainment. I just saw this morning that Rihanna's producer said the reason for the hold up for her new album, "Anti" is because of rumored boyfriend Travis Scott. Allegedly Scott told Rihanna that her new album is "not good enough". The album has never had an official release date but was rumored to drop November 6, November 27 and most recently Christmas day. A while back Rihanna revealed the album's cover art which led many to believe the album was on the way. Then came a string of Samsung commercials which is likely endorsing Rihanna's new album. But it looks like this whole thing is a nightmare. Rihanna said in the press that the album was executive produced by Kanye West and she was waiting on him to put on some of the finishing touches. Now with a new baby in tow, looks like Travis Scott has replaced Kanye on EP(Executive Producer) duties. If that's not enough Rihanna news for you, Azealia Banks was rumored to be on the new album after she announced it before getting arrested. Allegedly Azealia's contribution didn't make the album so she took to Twitter to air Rihanna out. Surprisingly Rihanna didn't respond and I can't say I blame her. So what do you make of all this Rihanna album mess? Do you think her new album will ever see the light of day? Because right now Rihanna's album is looking like one huge joke. If and when it does come out I'm sure the album will be good but with this hold up it better really be good. Blac Chyna, one person that I've had enough of seeing on several online blogs aired out former friend Heather Sanders in a series of social media taunts and insults in the wee hours of the morning. Blac Chyna called out Heather for sleeping with Tyga and Lil' Wayne. As we know Tyga is Blac Chyna's baby daddy and apparently anyone that takes up with him, Blac Chyna has a problem with. Like girl you are merely famous because of your affiliation with him, not the other way around. This chick is annoying and miserable. Get a life ma and a new man while your at it. I'm so sick of that chick!
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