Rick Ross breaks up with girlfriend and Ciara gets engaged

So it's being reported that Rick Ross has called of his engagement with Lira Galore. This comes after pictures of the video model surfaced of her butt ass naked on a video shoot alongside Slim Thug. I'm guessing these pictures are new! Anyway its also being said that Rick Ross unfollowed her on Instagram. My thing is, the girl definitely has a past and she should make Rick aware of it, no matter how ugly and embarrassing it is. It prepares him for being embarrassed by yet another photo. It remains to be seen what will come out of this. This is the second time the two have allegedly broken up though Rick Ross contends the two never broke up in the first place. Rumors surfaced the two broke up after Lira was called out briefly dating Wale's crazy ass. Ciara may be an attention whore in my book and it definitely works to her advantage. Her single, "I Bet" was recently certified Platinum and becomes her fifth Platinum single overall. On top of that, its the only R&B single certified Platinum by a female R&B artist this year. Go Ciara! It's being reported that Russell, Ciara's boyfriend popped the question a few days ago. Well if it is indeed true, congratulations to the couple and hopefully Ciara doesn't ruin this relationship like she did the others. Well thanks for reading guys! Until next time!
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