Omarion mad at Grammy snub

So the Grammy nominations came out yesterday and no one was more upset than Omarion. The R&B star/reality TV star felt snubbed after his single, "Post To Be" featuring Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko failed to get a nomination. Omarion took to Twitter to express his disdan and in turn caught a lot of flack for his words. Do you think Omarion should of been nominated? I was listening to "The Breakfast Club" this morning and they had some valid points about Omarion's argument. First, the song was a hit, no doubt. But also they said that Omarion won a Soul Train award but didn't show up to accept the award. But artists want to be acknowledged by the Grammy awards and then when they are not, they cry wolf. Many artists want to be acknowledged by the Grammys because the Grammys are the most prestigious award a musician can receive. Think of it this way, a Grammy to a musician is what an Oscar is to an actor. Going back to what I was saying though, some musicians are quick to say "I don't need a Grammy" but will cry the minute they are not nominated. Omarion contends he was not upset though. I beg to differ. In other Grammy news, Tamar Braxton was nominated for Best R&B Performance for "If I Don't Have You". Miguel's "Coffee" was nominated for Best R&B Song. J. Cole's "Apparently" was nominated for Best Rap Performance. Miguel's "Wildheart" album was nominated for Best Urban Contemporary Album. For the complete list of nominees you'll have to head to the Grammy website or just Google it. Well that's it for today folks! Thanks for reading!
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