Soulja Boy plans to release sex tape and Amber Rose hints at talk show

Soulja Boy is on Twitter saying he might drop a sex tape with his on again-off again girlfriend, Nia Riley, daughter of producer Teddy Riley. Would you watch? Duh! You would only because its a celebrity but I already think Soulja Boy is ugly to look at it. Just imagine him naked if you will. Don't throw up imagining though! And there is word that Amber Rose may get her own talk show. Why? Not really sure but if she plans on spilling some tea on Kanye West then she has one viewer already. Then again I'm not sure about her having her own show. Maybe if she co-hosted with someone. I thought there were talks about her being on "Fashion Police" but not sure what happened with that. And in other news Young Money is being sued but I don't know what. I didn't care enough to read. And Karrine Steffans formerly known as Superhead won't go away. She is making claims that Drake has ghostwritten rhymes for Lil' Wayne. I'm not sure if I believe that. I mean this woman says anything she can to grant herself an interview to promote her 144th book of sleazy tales and lies. I'm over this woman! Aren't you? Well until next time people! Thanks for reading! :)
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