Rihanna joins 'The Voice" and Lil' Kim and her baby daddy reconcile

Rihanna has signed on to be the key advisor(What?) on season 9 of "The Voice". Hey! I didn't even realize "The Voice" has been on for 9 seasons. They still have yet to produce a star but they can book a huge star for the show. Your thoughts? And Lil' Kim and her baby daddy have buried the hatchet. Mr. Papers, Kim's baby daddy posted a picture with a full caption apologizing to Kim and thanking her for being able to see his little girl again. If you remember the two had been estranged for awhile and Mr. Papers had threatened to pursue full custody. Now all is well and let's just hope it stays that way. Speaking of baby, I hear Future is filing some god awful lawsuit against Ciara and Russell Wilson but I don't think its true. Future is too busy touring and selling albums. Can we say the same for Ciara? Ha! #shade :) I'm kidding though I like Ciara. She's a very pretty woman who isn't good at picking men. I think if things don't work out for her and Russell, maybe she should take a break from dating or date someone whose not in the industry, but make sure he's a billionaire. Ha! That's all folks! Until next time! Thanks for reading! :) Love you all!
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