Nicki Minaj calls out Miley Cyrus and comedienne pokes fun at Lil' Kim

I didn't bother watching the MTV Video Music Awards last night but then again I don't have cable. If I did I probably would of watched but if you have Internet; Twitter, Facebook, you don't have to watch the telecast and can still be aware of what occurred last night. Well one of the big stories was Nicki Minaj calling out host, Miley Cyrus out last night. Nicki took the stage to accept an award for her video, "Anaconda". If you recall a few months ago Nicki spoke out about why her "Feeling Myself" video wasn't nominated which prompted Taylor Swift to intervene and made for a nasty but brief Twitter feud with Swift. After Swift and Nicki made up, Miley Cyrus, I guess was talking bad about Nicki in the press and Nicki didn't forget it. When Nicki accepted her award, she thanked her pastor before lunging a full on attack on Miley Cyrus calling her a "bitch". Many say they feel the battle was just for TV sake but who knows. Miley's reaction was priceless as it had been shown. Miley simply brushed off the incident and proceeded with her hosting duties. But I'd love to have been a fly on the wall after that went down though. Wouldn't have you? In other news, "Fashion Police" host Margaret Cho made some not savory comments about Lil' Kim. The notorious comedienne said that Lil' Kim has been "stealing her face". Ouch! Well until next time folks! Thanks for reading! :) Love you all!
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