Game sued by show contestant and Busta Rhymes arrested

These rappers stay in trouble! The Game has been sued by one of the contestants on his upcoming show, "She's Got Game". The contestant claims that Game sexually assaulted her. She's suing for 10 million. Game doesn't have to sexually assault a woman in my opinion. Most women want him anyway and will do just about whatever to get on TV to get with him. Sounds like this girl is mad she didn't get picked and now she wants some of that money. Bye thot! :) Sorry not buying it! Busta Rhymes got arrested for throwing a protein shake at a gym employee. As big and swollen as Busta is I'm surprised he didn't pick up a barbell and throw it! I'm not sure why Busta went into a fit of anger. Maybe someone was on one of his machines. At the end of the day Busta needs to control his anger and manage to make some music. We haven't had new music from Busta in awhile have we? Well until next time folks! Be good and thanks for reading! :)
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