Chris Brown names new album and Kelis is pregnant and Wiz Khalifa arrested

Chris Brown says his new album will be titled, "Royalty", after his daughter. The album's first single, "Liquor" recently got the video treatment and should be airing any day now. Are you looking forward to Chris' new album and what do you we think about him naming it after his daughter? Do you think it will show a softer side of Chris? I guess we shall wait and hear. :) In this week's "Who Knew?" news..Kelis performed at this year's Afro Punk show and she revealed that she was pregnant. And by the looks of the picture in rotation, she looks like she's pretty far along. Of course now everyone is wondering who is the baby fatha? Nas? Ha! Wouldn't that be something if Nas and Kelis were back together? But Kelis is so low profile, I had no idea she was pregnant let alone dating anyone. I mean in Kelis' 16 year career I can only think of two men Kelis was ever linked to, one being Nas(obviously) and Pharrell but on second thought I remember someone else she used to date. Just can't remember their name right now. Oh I know! Shyne! The rapper known for his hit, "Bad Boyz" was who signed to Bad Boy who shot that club up and got Diddy and J-Lo arrested. And Wiz Khalifa was arrested after refusing to get off his Hoverboard. If you don't know what the Hoverboard is, its the latest craze in technology that all the celebrities seem to be using. It is a machine on wheels that you stand on and it transports you to where you go wanna go. It cuts back on all the walking especially if your tired or have to walk through a busy airport. But cops were harassing Wiz and they later pinned him down and arrested him for not getting off the machine. There is even a video of the altercation/arrest but I couldn't even watch it because personally I think the whole thing is ridiculous. Once again cops are targeting black men, this time a famous one but this harassment and hatred for black men have to stop. I personally think a lot of it has to do with jealously but I'll stop there. I won't get too deep into all that. Until next time folks! Enjoy and thanks for reading this lengthy paragraph! :)
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