Tyga caught with his pants down and Trina throws shade at Khloe Kardashian

My gosh! I haven't realized that it had been three days since my last update. I've been a busy guy these last few days seriously. But now I'm back with tons of news. First, Tyga was caught with his pants down literally. Unfortunately you won't see the pictures here. But some transgender woman has come forward dishing the dirt on Tyga with text messages, confessions, threats, and most notably pictures. Tyga and his friend were all over Twitter yesterday threatening folks left and right and blaming the "devil" for him being caught. But now Tyga has been the butt of jokes all day yesterday and we can expect this to go on for awhile. If that's not enough for you Bill Cosby admitted in a 2005 deposition that he used drugs to get women for sex. This comes on the heels of more allegations from women claiming Cosby was inappropriate with them over the years. And if that's not enough for you, Kourtney Kardashian is not longer with her boyfriend, Scott Disick(sp) after he was seen canoodling with his ex girlfriend. And what's more interesting is that Khloe Kardashian has moved on from French Montana to James Harden. Oddly enough James Harden had a brief fling with Trina and now its looking like Khloe is taking or hooking up with all of Trina's former men. Trina even took to Twitter to throw some shade simply saying "sloppy seconds". It makes you think though because Trina used to be really cool with th Kardashian clan and all the way Khloe was low key wanting all of Trina's men. We know the Kardashian clan with the exception of Kourtney love them some black men. This goes to show you that you have to watch everyone even those closest to you because a lot of times those are the ones who want what you got! Until next time people! Thanks for reading!
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