Nicki Minaj mad at VMAs, feuds with Taylor Swift and Meek Mill exposes Drake

So last night it went down on Twitter! Before that, the 2015 Video Music Awards were announced and Nicki Minaj was just one of many nominees. Despite her multiple nominations, Nicki was upset her video for "Feelin' Myself" wasn't nominated. After that the rapper went into a tirade over how "white" artists can do what she does and be applauded for it and receive the awards in the end. Enter Taylor Swift. The pop singer who is nominated in the same category as Nicki sounded off  saying that Nicki is welcome on any stage she is on and made Nicki's feelings about the VMAS about her and all hell broke loose. Before you know fans from both artists were chiming in and things only escalated later that night. Nicki's new man, Meek Mill was feeling some type of way after it was revealed that Drake hadn't shown up for Meek Mill's homecoming concert. On top of that Meek feels Drake hasn't been supportive of him. But prior to us learning all this, Meek unleashed a series of tweets revealing several secrets about Drake. Meek went on to say that Drake has a ghostwriter and even named the guy. He also revealed that the verse Drake served on Meek's very album was ghostwritten. The multitude of admissions, secrets, and yadda yadda had everyone scratching their head like "where did all this come from" but like I said Meek was feeling some type of way. It is surprising to hear that Drake has a ghoswriter but I guess not too surprising. If that weren't enough Rick Ross weighed in tweeting Drake>>>>>Meek before deleting the tweet altogether. So whose side are you on Nicki or Taylor? Drake or Meek? I'll quickly say this as this post is getting longer by the second. I can't sympathize with Nicki all the way because at the end of the day she's still very successful. She's always getting nominated and winning awards. Hell you still received a handful of nominations from the VMAs. I'm not a black woman in the industry either but there are plenty of women in the industry and not in the industry who would love to be in Nicki's place. So I feel Nicki should be grateful for the nominations she has. 
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