Music Feed: Ass For Days

What do John Legend, Justin Beiber, Marc Jacobs, and Keyshia Cole all have in common? Well they are the latest celebrities that have flashed their asses on social media, some on purpose and some by mistake. But also I reveal some other celebrities who have shown their ass and made no apologies. See what I mean when you read below! 

John Legend 
Earlier this week many were treated with a half view of John Legend's famous backside. I say famous because its been rumored that he's had a little enhancement back there but I can't quite remember him confirming or denying it. But it was his wife, model Chrissy Teigen(sp) who posted the picture on her Instagram account. 

Justin Beiber
Justin was vacationing somewhere on a yacht and posted a picture of his backside. 

Marc Jacobs
The famed designer was thirst trapping with someone via DM but accidentally posted the picture on his Instagram page instead. Jacobs later apologized for the blunder. 

Keyshia Cole
In what Keyshia Cole labeled as "SweetPussySaturday" :) Keyshia Cole wanted to thank her 2 million followers by showing her ass in lace bikinis. I caught the picture but it was since later deleted. 

Foxy Brown
Foxy Brown is the queen of shade especially when it comes to Instagram. She made it known that her "ass" has always been real and she never had enhancements and to prove that she showed a picture of her ass on Instagram. The move didn't garner much attention though since Foxy has been pretty inactive as a recording artist for 20 years but maybe if she put some music out, her career would pick up some steam again. 

Amber Rose
Amber Rose famously posted her ass on social media and it spawned many imitators mostly as a spoof. 

Janet Jackson
Janet was caught sunbathing and laying her stomach and you could see all the extra baby fat in her ass. 
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