Meek Mill goes in on Joe Budden and Tamar Braxton catches heat for TV co-star diss

Greetings! Happy 4th of July! I thought I'd give you all a break from seeing my face on here then again you'll see it if you scroll down to prior posts. :) Anyway Nicki Minaj's man, Meek Mill is embroiled in a heated exchange of words with Joe Budden. The "Love & Hip Hop" star stated that he looks at Meek differently now that he's fallen for Nicki. Joe feels that Meek's once hardcore style has been softened due to his relationship with Nicki. He feels Meek should continue to be the hardcore rapper he was once and what more than likely made Nicki fall for him. I see what Joe Budden is saying and maybe he didn't say it right or maybe he shouldn't of commented it at all. Unfortunately it makes him look bitter and jealous. Perhaps Meek has softened up a bit but that happens when your in love. So anyway once Meek got wind of what was said Meek and Nicki went on Twitter to lay into Joe and soon the Barbz(Nicki's hardcore fans) launched an attack on the former Def Jam artist. Things got ugly very quickly! Speaking of ugly, Tamar Braxton just loves to throw shade or at least keep her name out there. "The Real" host got mad at her TV co-star Jeanie Mai after it was revealed that she was still taking part in Donald Trump's "Miss USA Pagaent".  Earlier in the week Donald denounced Mexicans as "thieves" and some other jargon. Of course this caused Trump to fall out with Macy's and Univision which was set to air the telecast. NBC also fired Trump! The real "gotcha gotcha" in this is that some of Donald's garments that he sales is made right in the heart of Mexico. Now ain't that something? But back to Tamar, later explained herself via social media for her outburst against her TV co-star citing that she would of said the same thing to Jeanie Mai in person. But all is well she contends and we want to believe that. Just last week Tamar ended her 3 year feud with K. Michelle by performing together on the BET awards.
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