K. Michelle goes on Twitter tirade and Prince pulls his music from several streaming services

Hey guys! I hope you all enjoyed your holiday festivities. I know I did! I had plenty of food, laughs, drinks, gossip, and fireworks! So every once in awhile we get an artist who goes on social media particularly Twitter and airs some things out. That was the case last night with K. Michelle. She took to Twitter in the wee hours of the morning to express her disdain on everything from black media to still healing from her abuse. She goes on to say how she fought with women on TV for two years who didn't believe her story and how blacks don't support one another and are always tearing each other down. Very true! I admit I didn't like K. Michelle when she was on "Love & Hip Hop" in its earlier seasons. I never disbelieved her allegations but I just hated how dysfunctional she was. I do find myself liking her a little more these days. But what do you think about K. Michelle's feelings? Do you all follow her on Twitter? In other music news, its been reported that Prince has pulled all his music off streaming music sites except TIDAL. No surprise there. This isn't the first time nor the last Prince has and will do this. I never know the reasoning for it but he has control over his music so he can do whatever he damn well pleases with it. It's funny though to me because Prince is always pulling his music down from sites like YouTube. But he certainly has no problem with people covering his songs. Like Prince has to be one of the most covered artist. Everyone from TLC to Mariah Carey to Chaka Khan to Me'lisa Morgan have covered Prince's songs. What do you all think about Prince pulling his songs from YouTube and the like and leaving it up on TIDAL?
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