Jeremih arrested and Birdman sues Jay Z over Lil' Wayne album

Good morning! I'm sorry for the lack of updates but its because I've been really busy with work. When I'm not working, I'm either working out, hanging with friends, or trying to relax. I'm also trying to enjoy what's left of the Summer. But have we truly had one is what my Mother said a few days ago! I agree with her, the weather has been somewhat shitty here. It's been raining and its been cooler than normal. I can take the cool weather cause I'm not a big fan of the hot weather anyway, not sticky, humid hot anyway. But let's see what I missed and what you missed music news wise. So I just read that Jeremih was arrested on his birthday for drunk driving. He was later released some 8 1/2 hours. Wow! Ain't that some shit! :( As I type this I'm currently listening to the new album from Future, "Dirty Sprite 2". The album features the first single, "Blow A Bag". If you would of asked me a year ago if I fucked with Future, I would of told you "NO!" but my have times changed. After downloading his mixtape, "Beast Mode" a few months back I've really gotten into Future and the new album so far is really good. I might have a review coming up soon. And things don't seem to be getting any better in the Cash Money camp. After video spread of Baby throwing a drink at Lil' Wayne during a concert, Baby is now suing Jay Z and Tidal over Lil' Wayne putting his "FWA" on Tidal. If that weren't enough for you, Birdman, Young Thug, and some jake have been named as people who may be linked to trying to kill Lil' Wayne. Like wow! When I read that a few days ago that really shocked me, like has that whole thing gotten that serious that someone could of possibly lose their lives. What's wrong with people? Well folks until next time! Thanks for reading! And shout out to all the readers in Russia! Thanks for the support. Thank you everyone for the support. Means a lot! :)
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