Fantasia gets married and French Montana has a new woman

Congratulations are in order for Fantasia who got married this weekend. I can't remember the man's name she got married to but I guess that's not as important to report since I don't believe he is a celebrity. There are rumors going around that Fantasia may be joining "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" which to me might be a good move for her. She's married and she's always been pretty public about her life even when she didn't particularly want to. Speaking of relationships, it looks like we may have a new couple on the scene. Actress Sanaa Lathan and French Montana were seen coupling up thanks to Diddy who recorded their misadventures over the weekend. What do we think of those two together? What I will say is this, everyone is free to date who they want to but boy French Montana wastes no time moving on from one woman to the next. Trina, Khloe Kardashian and now Sanaa. Knowing these two they will come out and say they are just friends even though Sanaa was all in his lap. What kind of friends is that? You tell me. In the meantime folks, you all enjoy your day, the rest of your weekend. Thanks for reading! :)
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