2 Chainz sued and Ariana Grande apologizes

2 Chainz sued! And Ariana Grande caught on tape! A woman is suing 2 Chainz for $5 million dollars after she was fired from her job. The woman appeared in a video that went viral titled, "Iz That Yo Thot" and has since received 10 million hits. The woman also shared something on her social media site that prompted her termination. But why isn't this chick suing her job? We may never know. And Ariana Grande is one rude and stuck up chick. She was caught on video saying "What the fuck is that?" when a store employee stocked donuts in a bakery. The donuts which was on full display was licked by Grande and the manager later sold those donuts to customers unaware of Grande's lewd act. If that wasn't enough Grande said "I hate Americans" and of course this has caused outrage throughout. The singer later issued an apology for her behavior. Rumors of Grande being a diva have run rampant since she's appeared on the scene and the video pretty much confirms it. My advice to her would be, grow up little girl!
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