Tyga sued and Chris Brown and ex battle it out on social media

Your looking at an old banner above, in case you were wondering but anyway on to the music news! Tyga is being sued by some video vixens after they say he and his team sexually assaulted them and some other jargon. Actually this was all settled out of court earlier this year, but one of the girls has said she was shorted on her money. I guess this is a case of "bitch better have my money". Pay up Tyga! And the neverending saga between Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran came to a head again today. Chris Brown called out his ex for continuing to do interviews about him. Chris' ex retorted saying she was asked about him and she answered the question but he was not all she was talking about. She went on to say how Chris was trying to lure her back with him with gifts, car, etc. Chris responded back this time a bit gentler and wished his ex well. Something tells me though this is not the end of these two. Maybe they won't be back together again(anytime soon) but I'm sure there will be more verbal jabs on social media. What do you think? And Lil' Wayne has revealed that he's signed a deal with Jay Z for his TIDAL music service. Lil' Wayne will release his new single "Glory" through TIDAL as well as some other exclusives including a Free Weezy Album(FWA). Many people thought that when Wayne made the announcement, he was signing to Roc Nation but not quite. The deal is with TIDAL for now.
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