The Game released from jail and Khloe Kardashian speaks out on plastic surgery rumors

The Game is a free man now after turning himself in for threatening a cop. And after his release he cuddled up with his assistant and sent out a lengthy tell off to all the haters. He had some pretty valid points in there. You'd have to go to his Instagram though to read it. And speaking of The Game, his close friend Khloe Kardashian(who I usually never talk about unless she's beefing with a musician) swears up and down that her new body is from all her hard work but still people aren't buying it. Many believe Khloe got some butt shots and I believe she did too. Have you seen her lately. And Khloe's sister, Kylie Jenner says she's been independent since was 14. She said her pimp Mother, Kris Jenner cut her off at 14. Since then Tyga she pays all her bills, gas, mortgages, etc. Way to go Kylie! :) And Miley Cyrus says she told her Mother that she was bisexual at 14. No surprise there now is it?
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